Redirect: You are a creative being in a creative universe

You are a creative being in a creative universe.

If there is that little voice in your head saying “You can do more…you can be more,” listen to it. Creativity is your birthright.


Redirect: When the Thrill is Gone

When the Thrill is Gone

The thrill is gone. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel, get a divorce from this ridiculous passion, call it quits on a marriage no one but you ever thought was going to amount to anything.

What help is there for the weary writer? What words of wisdom might help you hold on a little longer?

In all honesty, writing is just like any other job. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience. Like with any other job, sometimes a writer can feel burnt out, unable to continue with the craft they felt sure was their true calling in life.

This entry by Barbara O’neal talks about this feeling of getting fed up with writing and how writers can find a way to hopefully get their mojo back.

Redirect: DecomP Magazine’s The Best of Ten Years

DecomP Magazine’s The Best of Ten Years 

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For the last few years I’ve been visiting DecomP’s site to get my fix of fresh, new stories and writers. On their tenth year anniversary this month, DecomP has collected the best entries they received over the years for art, short prose, flash fic and poetry. Check them out by clicking on the link above.

Redirect: Weekend Writing A Weekend without Modifiers

typewriter_360Weekend Writing: A Weekend without Modifiers

Now this is a real challenge for me because, yes, I am the kind of writer who uses waaaay to many modifiers. Which is pretty ironic now that I think about it because for years my training was in news writing where things had to be stripped to the absolute essentials. It’s time to relearn that.

So my weekend is spoken for. What about yours?

Redirect: Who Ever Said Writing Was Romantic?

Who Ever Said Writing Was Romantic?.

Most writers are portrayed as famous novelists who’ve made millions and can afford that second house secluded in nature–or that high-rise condo over looking downtown. It’s where they get away to write another award-winning novel after their publisher pays them hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the work.

But, in reality, most writers, most of you guys, are like me.

We’re bloggers. We’re copywriters. We’re short-form article writers.

We’re lucky enough to actually get paid for writing something, anything. There are still those writers whose day jobs have absolutely nothing to do with writing but it pays the bills, better than any job that has the remotest reference to writing can.

But still, a writer is a writer.