The first interview for my passion project

“Art is the conclusion of imagination.” –Benedict Reyna

Earlier this week I had the privilege of having an incredibly interesting conversation with artist Benedict Reyna for my Creatives on Creating series.

He gamely explained his creative process as well as his philosophy in art and in life. He even shared a few of his beautiful art works.

Watch out for the full story on Monday the 9th. Meantime, you can view some of his works HERE


Redirect: How Marcela Sulak Became a Writer

How Marcela Sulak Became a Writer

It is very comforting to know that my craving for new places, new situations, new people, is not another example of my very very very short attention span.

Finding myself in new situations eases the tedium, challenges my adaptability, gives me something new to say. For a writer, that means story ideas!

I wonder where I’ll end up next…

Redirect: How Anne Germanacos Became a Writer

How Anne Germanacos Became a Writer.

Anne Germanacos has eloquently captured my idea of what it is to be a writer. I absolutely love the advice she gives to aspiring writers: Minimize doubt. That certainly hit home for me.

Thank you, Kelcey Parker for posting this inspiring interview.