My Old Man

My old man is a silly old thing
With a funny laugh, a funny walk,
a funny way of puttering.

He collects the oddest things:
broken glasses, watches,
chargers and rings.

He likes to make up silly songs
with made up words
sang all day long.

He smells like cabinets and clothes,
Sunday afternoons,
and long winding roads.

He somehow knows, my silly old man
that hugs cheer me up
like nothing else can.

And I just know that my old man
Would come rescue me,
just because he can.

That’s just what he’s like,
My silly old man.

(For Dad, my forever silly old man. Happy birthday!)



I remember dinner.

We had pasta. Oh wait. She had pasta. I had…something with chicken. And pizza. We were celebrating something. I think it was a special occasion. Or was it that we simply had the time?

But I remember dinner.

She wore a sheer peach blouse. She had on those horrid contact lenses, the colored ones. She’d press up against my side when she wasn’t twisted around to face me. Sometimes, she would lightly touch my arm. She smiled easily and listened intently. I’ve never been happier than in those two hours with her.

You see? I do remember.



The Plunge

I hesitate at the tunnel entrance. Before me lies the unknown expanse of cold and darkness I am to go through alone.

“Anything can happen in there,” I say, fear stuttering my words.

That’s the point.

“What if I get lost?” I take a step back. A hand on my arm stops further retreat.

You’ll find your way.

Without warning I am pushed across the threshold into the darkness.

After long moments of fear and hesitation, I take one tentative step forward. Emboldened, I slowly take another step, and another.

Then I realize that I have begun to move forward.


(For Gil who, every day, urges me on.)