Manila International Book Fair 2013


The 34th Manila International Book Fair was held at the SMX Convetion Center September 11-15, 2013. I was loath to miss yet another book event this year so even though I was all by my lonesome, I decided to make my MIBF day a Treat Day for myself.

In order to avoid the weekend crowd, I went to the SMX Convetion Center first thing Saturday morning. Happily, I was able to navigate through the many booths freely for a few hours. Shelves upon shelves of discounted books! I had died and gone to heaven.

So I went on my merry way, going through the outlying booths, working my around the hall. I was saving my favorite book store for last because I was positive that they’d have all the books I’ve been looking for. Sadly, when I got to their booth, I was very disappointed. Not because of the quality of their collection but rather the organization (or lack thereof) of the shelves. Never before have I gotten so lost and disoriented in a book store than when I was trying to find my titles at their booth that day. It wasn’t all in vain though. I managed to score some of my sought after titles (but not from my usual book store).


People didn’t really start coming in until the afternoon and by then I had seen everything I came for so I went off to grab some lunch. Before heading home, however, I had one last treat for myself because I was still too tired to travel and also because I was feeling more than a little homesick. So I made my way to a little shop called Swensen’s, got myself an American Tower and got started on my reading.


 Best Treat Day ever.


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